Start With a Great Idea


Take it to its maximum potential. That’s the driving force behind the Elvi Design Group. By proving and providing value for every client, every time. And offering a well-rounded diversified program of communications tools. All rolled into strategic communications that move your audiences to take action.




The Importance of Design


Good design engages customers’ interest, effectively communicates the benefits of your working with your company, purchasing your product, contracting your service; and inspires action on the part of the customer. All leading to the growth of your business.


Elvi Design Group understands how to partner with you to make things happen. With design and writing that is powerful and practical.


“Elvi Design Group created collateral materials and a website that perfectly captured the feeling that I was looking for. Most of my clients have found my hypnotherapy service through a web search. Due to the excellent design—and ongoing site optimization that Elvi Design Group provides—my practice is much more successful.”

--Mira Rubenstein,CCHt, NLP, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist


"The Elvi Design Group created fabulous marketing materials for our company that has distinguished and branded our company in the industry"

—Marketing Manager for Salter Labs



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