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Position Yourself for Success


When business prospects click into a website, reach for a brochure, or walk through an event environment custom-designed by Elvi Design Group, they’ve taken one step further to becoming loyal customers of your company or service. With more than 20 years experience in serving national corporations, Elvi Design Group knows how to merge distinctive design with messaging that tells the right story—about your newest product, your new corporate division, your upcoming event. To demonstrate value, credibility and create trust.




Attain Your Business Objectives


We listen, work with your vision and goals, and map a clear course of brand design and compelling communications. With follow-through accountability, and a respect for your deadlines.


Your brand identity, logo, website, sales package, exhibits, and online presence all speak volumes about what you can do for your clients. From a single ad to a fully operating website, Elvi Design Group helps you reach your target audiences in innovative—and effective—ways.


The Elvi Design Group is a multi-disciplinary Graphic Design studio. We develop creative communications by maintaining a high standard of craftsmanship in design, branding, copywriting/marketing, photography and vide Elvi Design Group designs across the new media market, integrating and combining traditional print based communication systems with new digital technologies.





Educate Your Audiences


They’ll love you for it. Become the online resource room for your industry. The more customers can learn through your site, the more they’ll want to learn about you. And return often to find out more. Search engines favor sites that provide education, too. Which means your site will move up higher in competitive searches and develop more connectivity with related sites.


Elvi Design Group knows how to maximize your online reach with the right keywords, search engine optimization, and web tools to run your business online. From weekly e-communications to setting up and receiving payments online 7 days a week, we can tailor business solutions that fit your company’s growth.


Initiated and implemented production procedures for technical documentation of XEL Communications, Inc. (formerly GTE), which resulted in 65% cost reduction and improved quality.


In partnership with Summit Haus Communications—initiated and developed a cooperative literature program for 200 home health care equipment companies throughout the United States.


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Grow like a huge tree